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Q: How do I know if there's a Truth or Fail game near me?

A: Fill out this survey! We'll email you if a game shows up nearby. 

Q: What age group is this for?

A: If Truth or Fail Trivia was a movie, we'd rate it PG-13. But in terms of overall content and level of difficulty, the game is intended for the 18 & over crowd. 

Q: How long does this take to play?

A: Based on the test games we've run for a live audience, Truth or Fail Trivia should take about 2 hours for the Standard Game. This includes breaks of 5-10 minutes between rounds for scoring. The length of the Hosted Game will depend on who is administering the game and how long the breaks are between rounds, but we'd estimate between 90 minutes and 2 hours. 

Q: We are not a college or bar. Is there a trivia package available for libraries and non-profits?

A: Email us at truthorfail@gmail.com and let's talk about it.

Q: There is something wrong with my Truth or Fail order. Help!

A: If your question is about a current game order or subscription (you didn't receive this week's game, you need a refund, etc), send an email to our friends at DFTBA at hello@dftba.com and they’ll help you out ASAP. If your question is about anything else, email us at truthorfail@gmail.com.

Q: Why does my order confirmation say this will be shipped?

A: . Because we asked for you shipping address so we can occasionally send you Truth or Fail swag. The game itself is a digital product! It will be emailed to you every Monday beginning January 7, 2019.

Q: What do I get when I buy Truth or Fail Trivia?

A: Every Monday morning (starting on January 7) we will email that week's game to you. You'll also get some some Truth or Fail swag (this is why we ask for your shipping address when you buy the game). We'll send you a supply of branded pencils, coasters and decals, including "We Won Truth or Fail Trivia" decals for the winning teams. If you ever need a re-stock of swag, just let us know!

Q: What type of AV set-up does our venue need for Truth or Fail?

A: . You'll need to be able to hook a computer into your sound and TV system.

Q: What day of the week do we play?

A: You'll receive the game via email every Monday morning before noon EST. What day of the week you play is up to you! But you must play the game within 7 days of receiving it. After that, the links to both the standard game and hosted games will disappear into the internet void. 

Q: My venue isn't in the United States. Is that a problem?

A: . Nope!

Q: Okay, but are all the trivia rounds going to be about American things?

A: We hope not! Truth or Fail is written and produced by Americans, but our goal is to make this as universal as possible. Yes, there will be occasional rounds about the U.S. (like the Boston round in the sample game), but the SciShow and Crash Course rounds are not country-specific!

Q: Can a school sign up in the middle of a semester?

A: Yes! Pricing will be pro-rated as each semester progresses.


Q: Can I write questions for Truth or Fail?

A: We are fully staffed at the moment, but that may change in the future. All job listings will be posted on Twitter @truthorfail as well as the Nerdfighteria jobs page .


Q: Do I get anything for winning Truth or Fail?

A: That’s up to your venue! But we provide some fun swag to all the schools and bars that buy the game, so hopefully you’ll at least get a decal that says your team won TorF.