Each game of Truth or Fail Trivia consists of 5 rounds. There will always be a SciShow and Crash Course round, as well a special guest video round. Just to keep you on your toes, the themes of the other two rounds will change from week-to-week.


How the game is packaged depends on the needs of your venue. There are two options:


Option 1:  The Hosted Game

Want your favorite Complexly hosts to emcee your game for you? Do you want Hank Green to ask you questions every week? 

Here’s your chance! This option works great for venues who just want to connect their laptop to a television screen or two and click play. Check out an example game here!


Choose the hosted option and each Monday morning we’ll send you an unlisted YouTube video. Each round will be presented by a different host -- and yes, one of those hosts will always be Hank. But you’ll also get to hang with Complexly hosts like Reid and Brit whom you’ve come to know and love. And of course, the special creator guest host always shows up in Round 3.


Please note that each week’s video will only remain active for one week.


 Option 2:  The Standard Game

Does your venue already have a host in mind? Great! We’ll have a game for them to present ready to go every Monday morning. If you’ve played a lot of pub trivia, this is the format you’re probably used to.


Like the hosted round, you’ll need a venue with television screens and adequate audio. Each question will be displayed on the screen as your host reads it, and there will still always be a video round with your special guest creator in Round 3.


The format for the Standard Game will be a Google Slides presentation that will include video for round 3. Check out the example here!


How much Truth or Fail Trivia costs depends on who is buying it!



For Colleges & Universities:


Truth or Fail Trivia offers games for universities and colleges on a semester calendar. But we also know academic calendars are not all the same. For Spring Semester 2019, we will begin distribution on Monday, January 7th, 2019. The last game of the semester will be sent on Monday, May 20th.

The Standard Game is $350 for the semester. ($23/game if you're on a 15-week semester calendar).  Buy it HERE.

The Hosted Game is $499 for the semester ($33/game if you're on a 15-week semester calendar). Buy it HERE.



For Bars, Pubs and Restaurants:


Truth or Fail Trivia distributes 52 games per year. Once you subscribe, you will receive your first game on Monday, January 7th, 2019 and then every subsequent Monday! 


The Standard Game is $49/week. Buy a subscription HERE.

The Hosted Game is $64/week. Buy a subscription HERE.

For Libraries and Non-Profits

Truth or Fail Trivia now offers monthly subscription rates for libraries and non-profits! We'll send you one game each month.

The Standard Game is $40/month. Buy it HERE.

The Hosted Game is $49/month. Buy it HERE

For Anyone Who Just Wants to Buy a Single Game


Truth or Fail Trivia also now offers one-offs of Truth or Fail, for venues who just want to try it out once. Or maybe you're hosting a big party and are in need of a fun event!

The Standard Game is $55/game. Buy it HERE.

The Hosted Hame is $69/game. Buy it HERE.